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Ambassador to the UN, Kamil Idris, Talks Trade

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Kamil Idris was born in August 1954 in Sudanese. He was an ambassador of Sudan, he was the Director of the World Intellectual Property Organization, it is also called WIPO from 1997 November to 2008 September. Professor Kamil Idris was a member of United Nations International Law Commission and he held numerous teaching positions, which focused on intellectual property law together with international law. In his original country Sudan, Professor Idris Kamil vied as an independent candidate for the presidential seat in 2010.

Professor Kamil Idris Idris has written many books on economic development, licensed innovation, and a personal journal. Idris holds a doctorate in International Law from the prestigious University of Geneva. Idris holds many doctorate law degrees from 19 different universities around the globe. Idris’ book titled, ‘Intellectual Property‘ which is a strengthening Tool for Economic development is used as a source of information in different institutions.

In 2006, a report directed by WIPO’s Internal Audit and Oversight Division at the demand of the United Nations Joint Inspection Unit showed Idris Kamil’s age had been distorted and the news was leaked to different media stations. WIPO records confirmed Idris Kamil’s date of birth to be August 26, 1945; however, he had tried to change the records to indicate he was born on August 26, 1954. The Secretary of WIPO On September 21, 2007, referred to the report as a deliberate intention to hurt Idris Kamil and condemned the report’s authenticity and failure of the writer to follow the correct protocol take which arbitrated its confidential status. Idris’ date of birth has been accounted to be August 26, 1945, August 26, 1953,[ or even August 26, 1954.

After the 10-day WIPO general meeting that finished on October 3, 2007, a move to expel Idris Kamil from his position was blocked. WIPO experienced harsh criticism for its credibility. Professor Idris Kamil, later on, agreed to resign and he quit a year earlier from his position as head of WIPO.