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Norka Martinez Luque

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Norka is a new wave in the real air that motivates each and every one of us to pursue their dreams, however, hard they may look to achieve them. Her story is one that is full of motivation and inspiration where the word impossible has never existed. The Venezuelan dreamer and singer discovered her passion as well as her love for music at a tender age of three and made it a clear goal in her life to bring a message of full hope through her music.

As a child, she found genuine care and support from her parents who supported every action she made regarding her dream. They took her to a music school where she was taught how to sing and use musical instruments that include the piano as well as flamenco, and ballet. She did all this while still pursuing her academic education.

Norka studied business administration in France and received a degree in fashion, marketing as well as curling art. While still in France, she got an opportunity to be part of a singing band that nurtured her to the song in solo music. This was a rare opportunity that most start up singers out there are missing and kills their dream and career. It was not until four years ago when she met Emilio Estefan who showed interest in her work and opened the door for her lifelong dream of the singing profession. Emilio liked her work and decided to nature and take care of her musically through the strict training and practices that he scheduled for her. Norka says that this was a very exclusive chance in her life ad it was this time that she knew that her life was not for grated and it is a miracle.

She kept practicing alongside Emilio and like in the school life; she kept learning something new every day. Under the direction of Emilio Estefan, a great team of producers helped in the composition of and creation of the song MILAGRO that is a major hit in Venezuela, the United States of America as well as other parts of the world. Norka Luque says that as artists they have a significant role in the society. They are the people that are supposed to give the society what it requires and also provide them with the kind of songs that give them hope and an inspiration to make life better and happier. Follow Norka Luque on Twitter @norka_music to hear some of her work!

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