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Sujit Choudhry’s comments on the current challenges facing Ukraine semi-presidential system

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Sujit Choudhry, the director of CT, joined other top constitutional experts in a roundtable in Ukraine to discuss the constitutional challenges facing the country. The workshop was organized by top institutions in Ukraine that support proper governance in the country. Some of these organizations include the Center for Policy and Legal Reforms and the internal IDEA. The Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance is an organization that supports proper governance and sustainable democracy all over the world. The workshop was hosted at Kiev, which was also attended by top Ukrainian government officials.

When Sujit Choudhry was called to speak, he first said that he was privileged to sit in a roundtable with top constitutional experts and Ukrainian government officials to discuss the challenges facing the country’s semi-presidential system. He continued to note that the democratization in Ukraine has been unstable for a long time. Sujit blamed the problems facing the country on the centralization of powers on the presidency. Sujit also squarely blamed the Ukraine’s political parties for their inability to create solutions to the political challenges that are currently facing the country. Sujit also noted that the separation of powers in the executive between the Prime Minister and the President are also to blame for the political instability in the country.

Sujit Choudhry’s sentiments were echoed by other constitutional experts who attended the high-profile conference. Sumit Bisarya who represented the internal IDEA and Thomas Sidelius from the Dalarna University supported Sujit’s sentiments.

Other high-profile personnel and experts who attended the workshop include Vladimir Vasilenko who represented the UN Human Rights Council in Ukraine, Victor Musiaka who represented the president in the supreme council 1996, Sergyi Holovatyi who serves in the Constitution Commission of Ukraine amongst many others.  Additional article on

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Besides airing his views on the challenges facing the Ukrainian semi-presidential system, Sujit went ahead to highlight his recent activities where he has been helping emerging democracies in the constitutional making process. Sujit noted that there was the need for experts to discuss policy-based choices in the constitutional making process. Refer to for a related article.

Sujit, an expert in comparative law, has a wealth of experience in helping various countries to draft constitutions and solve various political challenges. He is a renowned scholar who has helped various countries that include Egypt, Libya, Nepal, S. Africa, Jordan, Tunisia, Ukraine, Yemen and Sri Lanka. Continue reading on

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