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How The IoT is Revolutionizing Human Life

Published / by TheHI

A recent article posted by the IOT Daily revealed the possibility of the Internet of Things affecting the manner by which brands reach out to their customers. Hadyn Sweterlitsch, HackerAgency’s Global Chief Creative Officer, cited that both screens, as well as visual graphic interaction, have significantly defined brand interactions. Sweterlitsch also cited that it is a tendency for human attention to be attracted to visual things. As such, many marketers and advertisers have taken advantage of this fact to promote their brands.

Currently, things have changed with the shift from over relying on visual design to other techniques such as voice interaction. In this case, the Amazon’s Echo device allows consumers to access services and control their devices through speaking. Other devices from the Internet of Things include wearables, and Smart LED lights are bringing a new platform for interaction between marketers and their consumers. Gooee serves as one of the entities utilizing a scalable IoT avenue to serve lighting manufacturers.


Established in March 2014, Gooee is widely known as the creator of the first Full-Stack operating avenue geared towards connecting lighting manufacturers or producers to the IOT. Through the vast experience and expertise of its global software and engineering team, Gooee has utilized two years to establish its enterprise avenue. Further, it boasts of a strong focus on designing, engineering and distributing software, hardware as well as data management components throughout the LED lighting value chain.

Gooee prides itself as a provider of communication, control and sensing components, which integrate with an enterprise standard cloud platform. The cloud platform provides a scalable and self-driven structure for lighting OEMs in a bid to provide substantial value to customers.