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Victoria Doramus: A Marketing Executive who has Accomplished so Much

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Victoria Doramus understands the trends in the marketing department. Her greatest desire is to apply creative solutions and at the end of the day identify the marketing patterns that work for all her customers. Professionally, Victoria Doramus has dealt with consumer trends in design and fashion, workplace leadership, lifestyle content and branding. The focused businesswoman has gone a long way just to make everything right in the market. After working for so many years in this field, Victoria Doramus has earned her respect because of the extensive knowledge she has in researching, identifying and documenting the trends in various sections. After she has done all these, the businesswoman proposes a remedy that can be used for all the marketing problems the customers have.

The market has come a battlefield. Businessmen are trying so much to showcase their expertise in handling complex marketing problems and introducing brands that are unique. The consumer has not been giving the business owners any peace of mind. Consumers have increased their demands, and they prefer companies that are offering more than just the products in question. Doramus knows the needs of companies, and she tries her best to offer marketing strategies and other innovative solutions that will be acceptable to the customers at any time of the day. Victoria Doramus has great talents that have set her apart from all other executives in the world of marketing. In the past, the marketing executive has gone her way to help the people who are in need. Making the world a better place is what makes her a happy woman. This is why she has been part of the friend’s foundation that prevents and ensures that all neglected pets are treated and are living in comfortable places.

Victoria Doramus success doesn’t mean that she has had a smooth ride all through her career life. The marketing executive had to deal with a severe case of addiction so many years ago. Her great desire to recover and live a normal life exposed her to a new world. Doramus discovered that helping people and pets goes a long way in helping the world to become a better place.

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Nick Vertucci: Success beyond Real Estate Industry

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Within the real estate industry and America’s corporate sector in general, Nick Vertucci is known as a serial entrepreneur who has perfected the art of flipping real estate properties. However, to many poker players, he is known as an accomplished poker player who has participated in several tournaments and tested his skills against some of the best talents in the game. Drawing from his experience as a successful real estate investor, Nick Vertucci ventured into the sport in 2004. His first tournament yielded a significant amount of financial return and a respectable placing in the overall standings considering his inexperience. However, over the years Mr. Vertucci has mastered the tricks and honed his skills in the game. He has mastered the art of bluffing, detecting if the opponent is bluffing and reading the direction of the game.

Poker Skills Honed in Boardrooms

Since his first tournament, Nick Vertucci has competed in some of the most prestigious tournament in poker gaming including the World Poker Tournament. He has also participated in the World Series Poker and several other regional tournaments, especially in Las Vegas. These tournaments have enabled him to improve his emotional control ability while also helping him grown his confidence and discipline levels. He has also evolved into a measuredly aggressive poker player with the ability to patiently read opponents. While these qualities seem to be the hallmark of an accomplished and professional poker player, they also mirror the competencies required to succeed as a real estate developer and entrepreneur. While Nick Vertucci has honed his poker playing skills on the tables dueling with the world’s best poker players, his skills are founded in his long career shuffling between board meetings and making decisions as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, and investor. He wears many hats including running a successful real estate empire and a real estate academy. He is also an author.