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Just Who Is Dr. Mark Holterman

Published / by TheHI

The 21st century is full of advancements and innovation that span across numerous fields of work. The medical industry is no exception as some of the biggest and best breakthroughs have come from this sector. When it comes to getting things done progressively, Dr. Mark Holterman is at the pinnacle of the hill. His specific medical research interests are in a class of its own, especially when being compared to his colleagues ( Dr. Mark Holterman is an M.D. of course, but he also practices as a full-time professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. His specialty is pediatric surgery, and he’s a practicing pediatric surgeon at the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital as well as at St. Francis Medical Center.


Dr. Mark Holterman has a number of research interests such as novel cancer treatments, stem cell therapies, and regenerative medicine. He’s one of the biggest driving forces in today’s society thanks to his strong passion. Holterman’s personal blog is loaded with informative industry information, and he currently blogs whenever he has the time. One of his more popular blog posts is about Camp PowerUp (Doctors.HealthGrove). This program came to fruition because of all the new type 2 diabetes cases that are among children. ADA and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles have combined their powers to come up with an evidence-based curriculum. This curriculum was designed to teach the youth on how to make better and healthier eating choices as well as to engage them in some form of physical activity. The targeted age groups range between eight and 16 years old. The physical settings include day camps and after-school programs, which will help to cut down on type 2 diabetes.


Holterman also speaks on The Hannah Sunshine Foundation, and its progressive regenerative therapies for children who suffer from rare diseases. Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis not only affects the joints, it affects vital organs such as the Lungs, heart, and liver. This condition is very rare, and it only affects 20 to 30 percent of the children on earth. There are no known cures, but doctors are using aggressive therapies to manage and to permanently inhibit its growth.