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Beauty Blogger Goes Head-To-Head With WEN By Chaz

Published / by TheHI

No one enjoys having a bad hair day, because when your hair looks good, you feel good and ready to conquer the world. Bustle beauty blogger Emily McClure recently decided to give the unique hair care system by Wen a whirl in a 7-day experiment.

WEN is known globally beacuse of QVC now for the incredible no-shampoo method that has taken the harsh detergents and chemicals out of the mix. Instead, your crowning glory gets instant hydration, shine and resilience, thanks to the cleansing conditioners designed to help all hair types and textures.

Chaz Dean is proud of his exceptional hair care line, because the sephora customer is receiving 5 products in one bottle- replacing shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-tangler and leave-in conditioner.

Emily McClure took her readers on a personal journey, documenting the WEN system with photos each day and her honest assessment of the Fig cleansing conditioner. Emily is a nighttime shower person, so the WEN By Chaz routine threw her off a bit, and she did not stick to the directions the entire time. The results then showed greasier locks than she was expecting.

She enjoyed showering with Wen’s unique cleansing system, as it gave thickness to her fine locks when she applied the product. After rinsing it out, Emily continued her normal blow-drying routine and occasional curling. Her hair was soft and glossy, and friends complimented Emily on her great-looking do.

She encountered the greasies when she showered at night, instead of the morning and when she tried to skip a day between washes. She learned that the WEN system is amazing when you stick to a habit of showering and styling hair every morning.

Emily says she would reach for the WEN system again, if she weren’t lazy and could become a morning shower person.