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Why Freedompop Is One of The Best Available Options of Communications Today

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Communications is one of the main forms of technology that enables us to cooperate with not only one another within our nation, but also all the way across the globe. Today’s businesses primarily rely on the Internet to conduct their communications, however, it is still important to note that telecommunications through phones are still quite relevant despite the rising utilization of the web. Due to such an importance of both forms of communications, it is important for a business, individual, or family to ensure that they subscribe to a communications company that offers them not only top quality of services, but also the services at a low price to provide them with an opportunity of maintaining a budget in which their phone/Internet bill costs do not weight down their overall expenditures.

Freedompop is a company that has been climbing the “charts” in pertinence to popularity, Freedompop review, and feedback of quality of services. Why not choose to subscribe to a company that gives you the ultimate choice of deciding what deals you would like to take advantage of? The company offers an astounding deal that is basically impossible to beat. Competitors are given no choice but to rely on either their existing customers or their marketing strategies to retain their customer base as many are either opting to choose the services of Freedompop, or even leaving their own company to subscribe to Freedompop.

Freedompop offers free texts, data, and voice calling for its customers with great deals on some of today’s newest communications devices. Due to such incredible deal offers that are provided by Freedompop to its customer base, many companies are being required to quickly produce new marketing strategies. Freedompop has certainly established itself as being a company that offers fast communications services that are comparable to today’s companies who charge regular, or even what can be considered as being expensive rates for their customers. Due to the unfair rates that exist in some communications companies’ plans, Freedompop has devised a plan to offer its customer base with deals that are difficult to refuse. was used to write this article.

FreedomPop Expanding Services with Lowest Prices on the Market

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FreedomPop started in Los Angeles in 2011 by CEO, Stephen Stokols and COO, Steven Sesar. They launched their own line of affordable cell phone and tablets, as well as, supported and sold sprint-compatible iPhones in 2014; however, they do not sell cell phone or other devices outside the United States. They believe everyone should have access to affordable and essential communication services.

They provide a much needed alternative to high priced mobile phone and data plans. They also offer an app, users can use along side their current provider. The app provides a free second phone line, with, real U.S. phone number, free texting and calling over Wi-Fi or 4G/3G data network.

Signing up for their free phone plan that operates through Sprint’s network, gives users 500 text messages, 200 minutes of calling, and 500MB of mobile data.

The app is offered through android Google Play and iTunes. They have no plans for a windows phone app.

They have started offering unlimited access to FreedomPop’s Nationwide Wi-Fi Network for $5 per month. Some of which are not available to the public and at the beginning of 2015, they increased their hot spots to 25 million, now including retail centers.

Users will not need to manually log into hot spot, their app will auto connect to network or hot spot for the user.

FreedomPop announced WhatsApp is zero-rated for their users in Spain. Those customers can use that app as much as they want and won’t use up their data plan with the company.

They also added a roaming SIM, labeled Global SIM, in January of 2016, provided by Fogg Mobile, which uses T-Mobile and AT&T networks. This feature gives users free data aboard in United States and United Kingdom.

FreedomPop claimed by the end of 2016 they would like to expand their roaming services to Latin America and Southeast Asia.

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Why Would Someone Go With FreedomPop And WhatsApp?

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There are a lot of people looking for cheaper ways to use their cell phones, but they cannot do that until they find the one place where lower costs are normal. That means these people need to go to FreedomPop after reading about what is going on through Venture Beat. The report is that FreedomPop is no preloading WhatsApp on all their phones, and people are using the app for free. WhatsApp is a talking and texting app that will help people who want to save money, and now they can put all their conversations in one place.

Moving all conversations to the WhatsApp app is something that helps people who are trying to save money, and it also helps them keep everything organized. Moving to WhatsApp is easy, and people can keep using it on other phones if they need to. There is no reason for people to do anything other than use WhatsApp from now on, and they will have left over minutes and data on their phones because of it. It is the simplest way to avoid extra charges for the data and minutes used.

FreedomPop is trying to make life easier for everyone, and they are doing that by making sure that they offer WhatsApp for free through this partnership. Free WhatsApp use will help people stop counting data, and they can talk as much as they want as long as they stay in the app. This is very functional for people who want to have the best talk and text time possible, and it helps them save money because they already are trying to save money by coming to FreedomPop. Someone who wants to help stay organized and save money will try out this new plan today on any of the new FreedomPop phones.

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FreedomPop Turns On Unlimited Wi-Fi Across The US For $5/Month