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Chainsmoker: The party fire starter

Published / by TheHI

It would be incredibly hard to find someone who hasn’t danced completely alone just because. In the Chainsmokers new video “Side Effects”, Riverdale’s Veronica, Camila Mendes does just that. The upbeat song performed by the DJ/ production duo takes place in a hotel catching glimpses of guests dancing in their rooms as Camila dances playfully around the property.

The video begins with Camila as an employee getting the news she’s working all weekend from her boss. What comes next is another great song by The Chainsmokers and another great performance by Camila. This fun and lively video is just another in a “chain” of great songs by the duo.

The Chainsmokers started their collaboration together in 2012 have built a following of not only young Hollywood starlets but all ages. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are The Chainsmokers, and they are just starting to show what they are capable of. Their music is a blend of different styles and can easily get listeners hooked with its wide ranging appeal.

Their video for “Side Effects” was directed by Matthew Dillon-Cohen. No doubt that this a name that will become more familiar in the music video arena. His definitely has an eye for what works with the song. The video has an edgy feel with the neon lit hotel and the use of props and colors in an almost black and white backdrop. Its young and sheek and portrays The Chainsmokers perfectly.

The use of Camila Mendes touches on how in touch they are with the younger crowd. Netflix’s hit Riverdale has quite a following. It’s apparent that a good amount of that following are the kind of kids that are no doubt listening to the dance, pop, indie feel that The Chainsmokers delight in. Keep a close eye on these two because this is just the start of a really great career and even better tunes.

Changing The Face Of Electronic Dance Music With The Chainsmokers

Published / by TheHI

The Chainsmokers have been dominating the music charts around the world for the last few years since the release of their debut single, “#Slefie” in 2014. The former DJs have been exploring the limits of electronic dance music for a number of years and have become baton-carriers for the shift towards a DJ becoming a mainstay of the mainstream music world. For Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers, the shift in focus towards a brighter future for themselves and their fellow DJs who are following in their footsteps and stepping into the limelight.

Alex Pall is seen as one of the leading lights in the electronic dance music scene and has been looking for different ways of furthering the brand of The Chainsmokers for the future. The image of the band is one of the areas Alex Pall has been exploring since the arrival of Andrew Taggart in New York City to join what was then one of the “Big Apple’s” most famous DJ partnerships. Pall spends a large amount of his time exploring social media platforms to make sure the DJ duo remain popular with their fans and the critics alike to remain at the top of the charts across the globe.

Since the release of their 2017 album, “Memories… Do Not Open” the band has been looking to find the correct ways of creating a different type of show for fans compared to their former DJ sets in New York City. Upon returning to the music scene after a brief hiatus at the start of 2018, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have created a full band to improve their live performances and focused on pushing themselves forward as both musicians and vocalists; the knowledge that guest vocalists would not be able to tour the world with them to perform a single song has become one of the driving forces behind the need of Alex Pall to change the focus of the creative partnership.