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If you want that alternative to swiping, Skout has you covered!

Published / by TheHI

Tinder was one of the first ‘dating’ social networks, (using the term loosely), to really exist on a large mobile scale. Following that now with much more heat in a fraction of the time is Skout, a company that has now been around for a few years. It has WELL over one hundred million downloads, and is one of the most active apps on the play / apple store to date. As far as social networks go, it puts the total number of users headed somewhere in the direction of Twitter and Facebook, although they are still most definitely not in the same ballpark.

And they won’t be — but Skout’s numbers when viewed from the side of a dating site are actually pretty astronomical. The platform basically brought ease to the process of finding other individuals who are looking for the same type of interaction, instead of having to pain yourself with making a profile, filling out all the fields, and all of the unattractive old-age stuff that followed the cliché of ‘online dating’. The technology that Skout is deploying to keep things new and exciting for the age that CRAVES such is impeccable — probably the reason that it’s ranking higher than most all of its competitors right now.

As they continue to add more features for people to use and improve upon the ones that they already have, we can expect to see a steady growth and soft cap of around one billion downloads within the next few years. The reviews on both app stores are pretty good, averaging anywhere from 3.5 to 4 stars across the board. Skout can be used by pretty much anyone, but is considered to be a dating network more than anything.

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