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Netpicks Reveals A Simple Way Of Handling Volatile Markets

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In the 21st-century the chance to enjoy a better quality of trading and investment software has seen a great number of people look to enhance their experience of trading across many different platforms. Despite the growth in software becoming available there are also many different strategies that can be discovered and enjoyed by any trader in their bid to make the most of their funds in the financial markets; one area that makes it difficult for novice investors is the problem of volatile and “choppy” markets the experts at Netpicks understand can be difficult to navigate through.

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In a volatile market, it is often a good idea to set out to develop a new strategy linked to the development of short term goals that can make it easier for an investor to protect their funds during difficult financial periods. Volatile markets often arrive in the Summer months with many professional investment specialists looking to develop a “lock and walk” strategy well known for providing a successful period in low-volume trading months; the strategy sees the use of support and resistance tests well known to all investors who use this strategy over the course of slow moving days. The basic premise of the strategy is for the investor to buy stocks near support and sell near resistance; when resistance shows up as being broken the investor should lock their investment tools and walk away from their trades until the next trading session begins.  More details about Netpicks on their page here.

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