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OSI Industries is a food company that has earned many impressive awards and accolades as a top 100 American food company.

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OSI Industries is an American-based food company that has expanded over the last five-plus years by purchasing some key food companies. OSI has bought specific food brands, some of which have been considered an essential fit for brands and products that OSI currently focuses on like beef, chicken, and pork. OSI Industries was called Otto & Sons, Inc. in 1928 — Otto Kolschowsky created his meat specialty shop in 1909.

For a 100 plus year international food company, OSI Industries has a $6.1 billion estimated worth today, as reported by Forbes. OSI also has 20,000 employees and approximately 67 facilities located in 17 nations. also noted for private, American-based companies, OSI is ranked 58th.

Otto’s meat business had its initial location in Oak Park, Illinois — its place was initially located west of Chicago. What was once called Otto & Sons, is today known as OSI Industries. Otto & Sons made a name change in 1975 to OSI Industries.

OSI is a company that has had a century’s worth of time has given the food company tremendous credibility as an ethical, food producer and manufacturer that cares about the environment and is willing to adapt to change. For OSI, having a long-term relationship with McDonald’s, a famous American hamburger chain when Ray Kroc decided to choose one of four meat patty producers when McDonald’s decided to tweak its supply chain.

Because of Otto & Sons close ties with the McDonald’s chain and Ray Kroc, who owned the first McDonald’s hamburger store in Illinois, chose Otto & Son’s over many other meat suppliers to McDonald’s, nationwide. This deal with McDonald’s helped secure OSI’s prominence as a trusted and efficient meat processor.

OSI is a company that produces a large variety of meat, poultry, fish, specialty-dough, vegetable and food processing solutions across the world. OSI and subsidiary companies supply its quality items to retail, restaurant, private-label, foodservice distribution, and industrial sectors.


OSI industries; growing company with a difference

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OSI industries are one of the most important companies around the globe. It deals with food products including meat products and vegetable products in general. It is a high technology company which uses modern technology to process and preserve the food products available. It is made up of workers who are great team players and aim to give good services to the customers.

For years, the company has grown to gain much respect countrywide. It now provides and supplies food products especially meat products, to other countries. The reputation OSI industries have is because of the good hygiene and good methods the company uses. Therefore, the company has received several awards due to the proper management and operation of activities.

The company has evolved over the years and through the services it provides, it has grown from a one-area company to an international food supplier. OSI industries have grown to improve the current economy of the United States. The company is known to not only evolve in terms of growth but also to grow in terms of the technology they use in their activities.

Through thick and thin, the company survived it all and in the long run, has grown to be well reputable. It is a company whose origin is from the immigrant businesses and it got affected by the Second World War. However, in the early twentieth century, it was restarted as a retail shop and grew to be a wholesale shop. The growth was consistent and it ended up being the international company it is currently.

Another situation that triggered a great transition to the company is that of the management. Since the company was started, the management was done by the founder and his family. However, the growth to be international has led to the changes found in the management. There had to be involvement of other skilled leaders and entrepreneurs in order to govern the operations effectively. OSI industries have grown to provide employment to thousands of people making the company raise the standards of many.

It has paved the way in various countries where its branches operate on given strategies in order to continue with prosperity. Its market had broadened and currently seems to grow more due to several steps are taken. One of the initiatives is that of China joining the World Trade Organization which will ensure a wider market enhanced. Secondly, the collaboration with other organizations has resulted in the growth of the industry as new products are produced influencing the transition of the company.

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