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Tony Petrello And Nabors Industries Care About More Than Just Making A Profit

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Hurricane Harvey was devastating for many areas in Texas, but none suffered more damage than the city of Houston. There have been multiple relief efforts to help in the rebuilding of homes, streets, and supplies. Nabors Industries, as a prominent Houston business felt it had a responsibility to help in the recovery. Both the company and its CEO, Tony Petrello, believe in giving back. Following Hurricane Harvey Nabors proved it was a company that cared about more than just drawing a profit. Its actions showed it cared about the well being of the city and community as well.

Nabors industries offered employees paid time off to go help with relief efforts. Nabors employees lent a hand wherever one was needed. The employees actions following Hurricane Harvey made the company proud to have such a caring group of workers. CEO Tony Petrello and Nabors set up the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund to help with hands on relief efforts. Petrello himself donated close to $180,000 of his own money to the fund. Nabors also cooked and handed out food to families in need in the community.

Nabors is no stranger to helping out in the time of a crisis. It has done so many times in the past. In fact, it has donated funds to national organizations like the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Bike MS. The company even has a charitable organization of its own which it uses to provide funds for educational scholarships Nabors Industries employees and their children.

Anthony Petrello is an avid philanthropist. If there’s a worthwhile initiative in the Houston area then you can bet he probably played some part. Petrello and his wife donated $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital. Because of his donation the hospital now had the funds to establish its Neurological Research Institute.

Tony Petrello receives accolades for his work as a CEO all the time but his work as a philanthropist often flies under the radar. Which is fine with him considering he gives back out of the kindness of his heart not for the praise and recognition.

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