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End Citizens United Wants To End Legal Loophole That Allows Unlimited And Untraceable Money To Be Donated To Political Campaigns

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Tech News Spy published an article recently by Heidi Harris entitled “End Citizens United Explains Why We Need to Re-Evaluate Our Campaign Finance Rules” discussing the recent revelations of Russian involvement in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Harris discusses that the recent expose of the Russian company with ties to Kremlin and how they spent at least $100,000 on Facebook ads to influence the presidential election. Though it is currently undecided if Trump’s team is directly involved, it is clear that the government has been unwilling to put their foot down and end foreign intervention in U.S. elections.

Many right-wing allies and politicians have been sabotaging the laws surrounding campaign finance for decades. They have created legal loopholes where individuals and corporations can easily donate huge sums to political campaigns without transparency or accountability. This can easily change the outcomes of the elections because they donate huge amounts of money to the candidates they feel would favor their causes, placing political pressure and essentially rigging the system.

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The purchase of Facebook ads by a foreign government is just the beginning. Chinese nationalists also used a company to take advantage of the loophole and donate more than a million dollars to a Super PAC. A Mexican businessman has similarly been convicted of using a shell organization to donate a huge amount to a Super PAC.

However, there are a variety of bills and ideas that Congress could pass to end the legal loopholes which allow foreign entities to influence American politics. The DISCLOSE Act would necessitate the disclosure of political spending by both private and public entities like corporations as well as individuals. The By the People Reform Package, which includes the Get Money Out of U.S. Elections Act, would close loopholes and create a Constitutional amendment that would prevent foreign governments from spending money and influencing the American election process.

Unfortunately, there are a variety of Republicans and right-wing allies that have been filibustering these acts, preventing the loopholes from being closed. End Citizens United, a Political Action Committee, reveals why they need to re-evaluate their position.

End Citizens United was created in 2010 after the Supreme court ruling on the Citizens United v. F.E.C. Their ruling created a legal way for corporations and billionaires to donate unlimited and untraceable money to special interests and to American Elections.

End Citizens United is seeking to fight against the ruling, revealing the issues of no accountability or transparency of billionaires and corporations who seek to tip the balance of political power to their side.

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George Soros, The Financial Revolutionary

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Back in the year 1992, few American entrepreneurs and economists were keen enough to predict the UK Black Wednesday. One was, and he managed to consolidate one billion dollars of profit from floating on the demand and supply forces of foreign currency. He simply sold ten billion dollars to make the profit within one working day. While the fact that he had a European decent could be used to water down the attention to small economic nuances, George Soros had been an American for a long time. The other different achievements that he boasts of bring out this man’s brilliant character. George Soros is both interesting to research into and to analyze.

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Soros was born in Hungary. His birth came at the zenith of the Nazi Regime. Times were hard for people who were any different in the country and whole region. George Soros was denied basic human rights, and even worse, his father was jailed for being Jewish. Nevertheless, despite the odds stacked against the young man, he went on to become a world-acknowledged philanthropist.

The Washington Times reported that George that the people of Ferguson might owe their voices to the charity phenom. The man whose financial assistance in planning and executing the Ferguson protests took issue with the extra-judicial killing of Michael Brown. The killings had attracted a nation-wide debate which ignited the Black Lives Matter Campaign. Politico reports that the campaign had gained so much traction that it couldn’t be ignored. The lawlessness levels had begun to increase to the point of upsetting the current governor’s, Jay Nixon, political influence. The public concern was so huge that it perpetually had the sway a presidential aspirant would need to clinch a victory. Know more on about George Soros.

George Soros has also been noted to work with numerous activist groups. One such group is the Colorlines. The Colorlines is an online site that focuses on reporting matters to do with racism. The news site gets published by Race Forward. For its successful push for its agenda, George Soros commits about 20,000 dollars annually. The philanthropist also contributed 5.4 million dollars to Ferguson and Staten Island. The contribution was to strengthen the push and agitation for police reforms and empowerment. The Hands Up Coalition is yet another beneficiary of Soros’ generosity.

One of George Soros’ most deep-founded beliefs is that democracy is supreme for human life. He believes that in democracy, peace, tranquility, and progress reside. He proposes the formation of an inclusive society. Such convictions are the reason for his strong political persuasions and avid intrusions to how the Democratic Party conducts its business. As a party subscriber, Soros has personally funded great presidential candidates from the party. His participation in the political scene extends further into government and governance. As an independent diplomat, he has had several plots to get involved in the emancipation of the people of several foreign sovereign peoples under dictatorial regimes. He has also been funding the Independent Diplomat who had a big role to play in the liberation of Kosovo and Northern Cyprus.

Indeed, George Soros is a man of the people and the protector of the weak and the vulnerable. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

New Family Office for Koch Brothers

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The Koch brothers have a new organization known as 1888 Management LCC that has been formed to manage their enormous wealth. Before it was announced just recently, 1888 had been tucked in the Koch Industries, and it has been scouting the private investments of the company quietly. The Koch’s have managed to acquire a lot of money over the past years, and they have used this money to shape the current conservative movement in the United States of America.

Harry Koch, the person behind 1888is currently a newspaper publisher who stays in Texas. He has a libertarian bent, and he has played an important role in bringing the initiative to what it is currently. The influential family has acquired this wealth from their grandfather, and since they took charge of the company, they have expanded the amount of services offered, from ranching to oil manufacturing, and at the moment, they are among the richest families in the country, with a net worth of about one hundred billion.

The shocking thing is that the filings from the institution do not exceed one hundred million dollars, leaving many people with many questions.

Charles Koch is currently the CEO of the Koch Industries, and his brother is the vice CEO. Since they are wealthy and famous, the Koch brothers have been very active in political activities, giving huge sums of money to fund candidates in the conservative’s side.

Since the American political arena is currently busy with presidential and senatorial candidates looking for votes, the Koch brothers have come out to express themselves to the people in order to get the preferred candidates elected to offices. Although there have been a lot of misconceptions about the Koch Brothers in the news and new papers, the brothers have come out to defend themselves, saying that they want the best for the country. They were once accused of starting an organization to oppose the current president of America, Barack Obama, but these rumors are cooling down as people understand their objectives.