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A Look At The State Of Venezuela Through The Lens Of Jose Manual Gonzalez

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Who Is Jose Manual Gonzalez?

Mr. Jose Manual Gonzalez is a businessman from the South American socialist nation of Venezuela. His field of expertise and business involves agriculture. Jose Manual Gonzalez is also a politician. He also currently serves as a representative to the national assembly from the state of Guarico in central Venezuela. Guarico State is a state with a strong agricultural base. Mr. Manual Gonzalez also held an important economic post in Venezuela. This was the position of president of the Venezuelan Federation of the Chambers of Commerce. This government organization overseers crucial sectors of the Venezuelan economy which includes mining, agriculture, energy, banking and tourism as well other vital sectors.

What Is Mr. Jose Manual Gonzalez’s View Of The State Of Venezuela Right Now?

Despite being successful himself in business and having the backing of most of his people, Jose Manual Gonzalez’s outlook on the state of Venezuela is bleak. He explains that this is due to a number of factors, but the major reason is the socialism that is ruling Venezuela. Mr. Manual Gonzalez has repeatedly called for the introduction of property rights instead of the state owning and running businesses. He also calls for the end of warlordism throughout the country that is being driven by poverty and a lack or order.

Mr. Manual Gonzalez states that the government continually ignores the proposals puts forward by leaders like himself that can address the issues plaguing Venezuela. He criticized the leader of the National Assembly who he accuses of taking things into his own hands and ignoring the voices of the people. This corruption which is found at all levels of the government is what is driving Venezuela into an economic recession.

Speaking about agriculture, Jose Manual Gonzalez says that the country has drastically cut the number of tons of rice and corn that is used to produce. For example the country used to produce more than 500 more tons of rice and 300 more tons of corn than it now does. These are staples in Venezuela. Instead the government is depending on cheap imports, but that only works if the country has dollars in reserve. The shrinking reserves are making food more and more scarce and leaving people at risk of hunger.