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The Day Securus Technologies Saved Our Prison

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As a corrections officer, each day that I come to work could be my last because I am a target of the inmates looking to make an example of anyone trying to tell them what to do. When you introduce drugs into a jail, the inmates can go from being orderly to being deadly. this year we have seen a huge spike in drug incidents, and the sooner we can identify the trouble and get back control, the safer every person inside the jail will be.


Each day we started spending more time doing cell inspections and physical searches at the inmate visitor center. Our goal was to try and put a stop to the steady flow of drugs getting to the inmates. No matter how much we recovered, the inmates had drugs the following week. While this situation seemed hopeless, we knew we had one resource that could help us to identify the trouble without letting on that we even had a clue where to start.


Securus Technologies is responsible for the installation of the new call monitoring system in our jail we now use to listen to when the inmates are using the phones. This is a resource we have been waiting for, and I was one of the first to learn how the LBS software worked. Unlike the old system, now we could allow the software to do the heavy lifting, basically alerting us when the conversation turned to any types of drugs. None of us were prepared for what I uncovered.


The system began to detect chatter concerning our visitor center, and certain inmates with a history of drug issues were directing people to a certain officer on certain days. Wound up being this officer was on the take, slipping people by without them getting a proper inspection, putting us all in danger.


Securus Technologies Responds To A Misleading Press Release By GTL.

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Securus Technologies is a company that specializes in offering cutting edge technology solutions in criminal and civil justice. They have provided remarkable and yet simple solutions that have significantly improved public safety. Securus Technologies recently made rectifications to a press release issued by GTL. The press release by GTL had information that was grossly inaccurate and misleading. Securus made their press release mainly to address the mistakes.


In the inaccurate press release, GTL claimed that the US Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) had allowed them to go ahead with their fourth patent. This patent is validated by PTAB to claim compensation against Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies, however, claimed this as untrue because the GTL case has mainly stayed. This means that GTL will not find the kind of legal solace they purport. The patent by GTL is related to litigations that may take years to settle. This is a process that will just end up costing the two firm millions of dollars’ worth in capital. The litigation approach adopted by GTL is not even in the best interests of the company; it is horribly expensive in terms of resources and time. However, Securus Technologies continues to protect themselves from the attacks by GTL while at the same time affirming their patents.


Securus Technologies is a company that has thrived in the provision of leading detainee communications, parolee tracking as well as government information. They provide their services to an estimated 2600 correctional facilities in over 40 states. These states are inclusive of the District of Columbia, Canada, and Mexico among others, serving over a million inmates across the United States.


Securus Technologies is a company with an absolute commitment to serving and connecting people by providing excellent security services. This remarkable firm offers services which include investigation, emergency response, public information, information management, biometric analysis, incident management and inmate self-service. Securus is dedicated to making the world a better place; this is through the provision of innovative and comprehensive technical solutions for a safer world.

Securus Technologies Is Making A Difference In The World

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One of the leading providers for both criminal and civil justice has received a well deserved A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The operations Senior Vice President for Securus is Danny de Hoyos. He has stated his company has been diligently trying to receive this rating, as well as formal acknowledgment of what they have stated both verbally and in print. The Better Business Bureau has strict standards in place that are required for this rating to be given. All these standards have been met by Securus.


Securus has a goal of supplying the best possible customer service. This pertains to over 25 million friends. To attain more control over this, they now have a call center containing 220 seats. This makes it the biggest in this industry. This is partially how they met the Better Business Bureau’s standards and achieved such magnificent customer service. This center receives over two and a half million calls each month and manages to answer them in eleven seconds. They have also attained a resolution of 99 per cent. This has led to them obtaining a 4.3 out of 5 possible stars for their customers satisfaction. They currently have over 1,300 employees, the biggest team in the field. Danny de Hoyos has said how delighted he is with the rating and that he believes in the Better Business Bureau and what they stand for.


Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, Texas. They serve over 3,450 different agencies as well as over 1,200,000 inmates throughout North America. They provide a wide variety of services including investigation, management and will respond to emergencies. Their products are designed to make the world a more secure place in which to live in. They also provide technology to find the solutions for both civil and criminal matters.