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Talk Fusion is a company that helps its users, more often companies and business, to make business offers and to market memorable and engaging in videos. Talk fusion was formed in 2007 by Bob Reina who is the CEO of the company. Talk fusion operates currently in around 140 countries. This company was formed for all members of the society in the marketing sector who want to get good and instant results in their online endeavors. Through talk fusion, companies can now email videos, have conference meetings online, video chatting with anyone no matter their location. With this mode of communication, many company’s workflows have been transformed, business and personal relationships have been strengthened, and also innovative ideas have been founded through the services offered at talk fusion.


Talk fusion offers not only video emails and live chats but also provides video newsletters, sign up forms and live meetings. In video emailing, talk fusion combines HD video properties with emails. This video emailing has a range of template messages of all occasions with different languages used around the world. One can also have their template message with the logo of choice, preferred theme and color customized for them. Talk fusion also gives its users the freedom to create personalized newsletters of whatever message the client wants to convene. The company has also created the WebRTC, a real-time communication medium, which enables clients to hold meetings and conferences without being in the same location. On the video newsletters and video emails, Talk Fusion has also made sign-up forms a reality. Sign-up forms are forms that a client uses on their website to grow mailing list and acquire new leads in their line of business.


The talk fusion apps can be downloaded on iPads, iPods, iPhones and windows gadgets. Like any other app on the market, this one especially the video email, is upgraded on a regular basis to better the experience of the users. Talk Fusion company is frequently enhancing and innovating products to better communication systems. With accommodative pricings, talk fusion has won the souls of many including world-leading companies like Norwegian cruise line, SPCA Florida, Applebee’s company Make-A-Wish Foundation among others.


Talk fusion has worn the best WebRTC product award and the communication solutions award both in 2016. Besides these awards Talk Fusion also prides itself on cheap pricing, changing people’s way of living through communication and instant payment. Learn more: