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How Perry Mandera Focuses His Life And Business On Helping Charities

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Perry Mandera is the owner and operator of The Custom Companies, Inc., based out of the Chicago, Illinois area. He is also a philanthropist who has helped out many charities in the region. One of these is the Mercy Home for Boy & Girls which he has provided funding to a number of times over the years (SlideShare).

The Mercy Home for Boys & Girls has a Hay Campus at which it teaches how to be sustainable to children. The employees and volunteers of this nonprofit have built a garden there that includes both flowers and vegetables. The goal of the project is to teach children how to lower their carbon footprint and be gentler on the environment in their daily lives. This is important to Perry Mandera and so he supports this cause through giving to it financially.

It was in 1986 that Perry Mandera started his transportation company. Previously he had owned a similar business that he had sold to another company. He had worked for a few other companies in the industry in his early 20’s and wanted to become his own boss. His company now has clients across America and he serves every size of business. The Custom Companies are now national with offices in other locations across the United States.

Being philanthropic is very important to Perry Mandera. One example occurred in 2013 when a tornado struck the city of Washington, Illinois. He responded by donating supplies to those who were affected as well as transportation services. He also helped out after Hurricane Katrina devastated Houston, Texas, and the area around it. His company had over 40 truckloads of donated goods transported to the region in order to help out the victims.

Perry Mandera founded his company on giving back to the broader community. Over the past thirty years, The Custom Company has been a sponsor for more than 100 youth sports teams in Illinois, for example. He also supports veterans in any way he can. This includes hiring veterans that he finds through two nonprofits, Marines for Life and Hiring our Heroes.

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