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Waiakea Water Stands Out from the Compitition

Published / by TheHI

The bottled water market is rife with companies that look exactly the same. This is because the product they sell is exactly the same. Sure, the labels may be different and the source the water is drawn from may be different, but it is still all just a bottle full of water. So what sets one companies water apart from the competition? Three key aspects are used to entice consumers in the bottled water world. First, the water has to have healthy properties that set it above tap water. Secondly, it has to be sourced from a unique place that sounds interesting. Finally, it has to give back to the world around it. Water bottles already get a bad rap for the amount floating in the oceans. Companies that practice conservation and environmental consideration have a leg up. Luckily for the state of Hawaii, a bottled water company located there has all three in spades.


Waiakea Water is a 100% alkaline water sourced from a sustainable aquifer based at the bottom of the Mauna Loa volcano on the big island. This is a thorough way of saying it is Hawaiian volcanic water. Waiakea has a natural pH balance not found many other places. This is mostly do to the fact that it is filtered over miles of porous volcanic rock. As alkaline water is the newest health craze to hit bottled water many consumers are looking to make the switch. Waiakea’s 100% alkaline quality makes it a very sought-after choice for the health conscious. Its volcanic origins also sound incredibly cool. But these are only two aspects of the successful company formed by Ryan Emmons in 2012. Waiakea is also environmentally conservative.

The factory that gathers water from the aquifer is run on clean energy. The aquifer itself is self-sustaining and produces way more water than is needed. In addition, Waiakea is about to market a brand new bottle. This bottle biodegrades at a much faster rate than normal plastic. It breaks down in fifteen years compared to 1000. This could be a game changer for the island-based company.