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Donald Drumpf Wikipedia Page Illustrates Power of Wikipedia

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Late in February, John Oliver on Last Week Tonight revealed that Donald Trump’s family name was originally “Drumpf.” He announced the campaign to “Make Donald Drumpf” again to play on Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” Oliver announced he had formed an LLC to trademark the term “Drumpf,” he created a Chrome extenion that changes “Trump” on webpages to “Drumpf” and had registered the domain to sell hats based on that hashtag.

As part of the campaign to make Donald Drumpf again, a “Donald Drumpf” page on Wikipedia appeared. As of March 8, that page has disappeared, instead re-directing to a Wikipedia page that describes the John Oliver segment. That page tells about the reactions to the show, and goes into a long, serious geneological discussion on when the family name change occurred.

And that just illustrates the importance of Wikipedia. When someone such as John Oliver launches a campaign to make people laugh at Donald Trump, he included a Wikepedia page as just as important as forming a Limited Liability Company, trademarking the term, grabbing the domain name and paying a Chrome extension developer to program that extension.

Yes, Wikipedia protected itself and its online brand reputation by removing the satirical page, and that’s just further proof of its importance. When someone searches for you or your business on Google, they don’t expect to see results set up by comedians on television looking to make fun of you or damage your reputation. And that’s why they’re impressed when they see a Wikipedia page on you or your business. It’s even better if they see both, a page on you and a separate page on your business.
Google loves Wikipedia precisely Wikipedia doesn’t allow any “funny” business. Those can give your website a serious boost in the search engine results. Many people don’t know this, but Wikipedia is open to everybody to create, monitor or update a Wiki page. It’s not just for the famous people past and present. Anybody can do it. However, it’s not easy to write about yourself and your company in a way Wikipedia will accept which is why hiring Wiki experts from a professional Wikipedia editing service like Get Your Wiki. They do not accept sales pages. They are there to provide objective, factual information, not hyperbolic raves about how great you and your company are. Therefore, it’s best to hire a team of experienced Wikipedia writers to make sure your Wikipedia pages stay up permanently.
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