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Wikipedia can Fetch Desired Exposure for your Business and Personal Brand

Published / by TheHI


Wikipedia is the leading, most trusted, and preferred source of original information online. In addition, it is the seventh most visited website in the world. Thus, it is not surprising why individuals, institutions, and organizations make a Wikipedia page. In an effort to improve Wikipedia accessibility to visually impaired, researchers in Sweden are in the process of developing crowdsourced speech engine. The speech engine will be communicating Wikipedia content to users with reading difficulty.


The speech synthesis platforms will be optimized for Wikipedia sites. Researchers target to complete English, Swedish, and Arabic speech synthesis by September 2017. Eventually, they will expand the platform to almost 300 languages that support online Wikipedia business page creation. According to a pilot study conducted by Swedish telecommunications regulator PTS, about 25% or about 125 million of Wikipedia user per month prefer speech to text.


As Wikipedia is making new developments, the popularity of the website can serve you well by fetching desired exposure for your business and personal brand. From a study conducted in 2012, it was revealed that approximate 96% of people trust brands with Wikipedia pages in comparison to those that do not have. When you create a Wikipedia page is a way of proving legitimacy, and not having one has become a stigmatization issue. People will often visit Wikipedia to find some basic information about your personal brand or organization. If they do not find it, mostly they will not pay attention to your organization.


Getting into Wikipedia is highly desirable to many organizations. However, it may seem as close to impossible to many people who have tried it which is why many people are hiring Wiki writers from a trusted service. Many people have gone about it the wrong way, and often they get feedback that their article is not relevant, and they finally stop trying. A spoke person for the Wikipedia Foundation, Jay Walsh, stated that though Wikipedia revisions are done by a huge number of volunteer Wikipedia editors, people are discouraged from posting articles about themselves and their organizations since the site strive for neutrality.


Creating a Wikipedia page call for careful research, documenting your information source, and strict adherence to Wikipedia manual guidelines. It can turn out to be a time-consuming and tedious task. One of the best ways to create a Wikipedia article without a lot of hassle and biased point of views is to hire a Wikipedia writing company from Get Your Wiki. It is a leading company with a team of experienced and professional Wikipedia editors for hire. They create and purplish your article on Wikipedia about your organization or yourself for a modest fee. They also give their customer 100 % guarantee, such that if your article is not published you get a complete refund.