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A Japanese Makeup Tour with Kim Dao

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Viewers get to go on a Japanese makeup tour with Kim Dao, thanks to this video. The video is kicked off with lively scenes of Shibuya, Japan. Kim Dao then comes on to the scene to let everyone know what the video is all about. We start off at Shibuya Crossing and Kim Dao leads the way in finding great makeup shops in the city. Finally Kim Dao arrives at Shibuya 109 where she mentions there are many places to buy makeup inside. Once inside there is a store that sells both Japanese and overseas makeup. There is a huge selection to choose from which includes costume and everyday wear makeup. DONKIHOTE is the next stop that Kim Dao spots makeup, and it is conveniently located right behind Shibuya 109. Kim Dao also states that one of the best things about this shop is the fact that there are discounts often found in this store. They not only sell makeup, but also skincare products, hair care products, and contact lenses. Kim Dao even shares the wide assortment of makeup items at a nearby drugstore. There is such a wide assortment of products to choose from, and Kim Dao shows the best that there is.

Becoming A Famous YouTuber

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A few decades ago, the only way to gain a certain amount of fame, was to become the next Britney Spears or Michael Jackson. Your career was established by the media and live appearances across the world. However, People like Justin Bieber proved that stars are created online too. Today, famous Youtubers like the Fine Brothers, Smosh, and PewDiePie, and Wengie are just as famous as other stars that have gained fame on traditional media outlets. What is the key to becoming a famous YouTuber? Well, take a look at the following.

Becoming A Famous YouTuber
First, it takes a lot of time and effort to achieve fame on YouTube. Overnight sensations are rare. However, there is the occasional cute kitten, puppy, or baby video that goes viral for a certain length of time until the next cute video pops up. In the beginning, all that was required was a web cam and a perky personality. A YouTuber would share some interesting or funny videos with their subscribers. People would like or share the video. Soon, they would have hundreds or even thousands of subscribers to their channel. However, today things are different. Take a look at the videos on YouTube. Most of the videos are high quality, and well planned productions. The top YouTubers like Wengie produce content on a regular basis and many collaborate with other YouTubers. Certainly, that is the established way to gain attention on this social media site.

Wendy Huang is the person that is behind the Wonderful World of Wengie. She is a famous Australian YouTuber. This YouTuber has one of the most popular beauty and fashion channels on the social media site. The Australian YouTuber enjoys sharing plenty of tutorials, trends, and reviews on her channel. Her channel includes a wealth of information and it is updated with fresh new videos on a regular basis.

This obsession started in primary school and is still going strong. However, today she is able to share her obsession with millions of fans on YouTube.