Charles Koch considers Hilary and Warns Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been making a lot of waves when it came to politics. However, the Koch family, particularly Charles Koch was not very impressed with Donald Trump. Donald Trumo and Charles Koch have had run-ins in which Donald Trump has made some remarks that have made Koch want to consider backing a candidate outside of the Republican party. This shows that Donald Trump is doing things that other republicans may not agree with. Charles Koch himself has been involved with trying to bring America into a better state economically. Charles Koch has been involved in political and financial affairs since the 70s.

The important thing to know about the Koch family is what they stand for. Charles Koch is one person that likes to look at the benefits of any proposals both short and long term. The most important aspect of a proposal to him is the potential long term effect. Often times, he understands that a lot of things that are meant for good often turn out to be bad in the long term. For this reason, he often looks to alternate solutions that are beneficial to everyone for years to come.

Among the solutions he thinks about include helping people build their own businesses as well as helping people become independent. For this reason, he is not the biggest fan of the welfare program. He believes it just makes people more dependent. One philosophy he believes is while giving a man a fish could allow him to eat for a day, teaching him how to fish could allow him to eat for life. He inspires people to create their own opportunities through creativity and other means. Koch is currently looking for candidates to back for the next presidential term. As of right now, he is trying to come to an understanding about Trump.