ClassDojo and a Global Educational Makeover

ClassDojo has made numerous animated short films that depict a pair of adorable characters by the names of Katie and Mojo. The goal behind these films is to assist parents, students and teachers by teaching them about the concept of the “growth mindset.” The growth mindset focuses on the idea that skills and smarts aren’t things that are part of people from birth. It focuses on that idea that those things can be nurtured and introduced with time. ClassDojo partnered with the Project for Education Research That Scales (a Stanford University effort) to make these animated videos. The Project for Education Research That Scales is a division that researches ambition and drive in students.

Liam Don serves as ClassDojo’s Chief Product Officer. He’s also the company’s co-founder. He believes that his company is equipped with the means to push excellent educational concepts that aren’t yet known by many people. Sam Chaudhary is ClassDojo’s other co-founder.

ClassDojo is a rising company that comes from San Francisco, California. It has been in business since the summer of 2011. The ClassDojo team is composed of a mix of skilled engineering, product, communications, marketing and operations experts. The goal at ClassDojo is to enhance educational practices by changing the patterns that are seen in classrooms everywhere. The company has support from a number of prominent investors. These investors include SoftTech VC, Paul Graham, General Catalyst, SignalFire, Reach Capital, Shasta Ventures, Imagine K12, SV Angel and GSV. ClassDojo has a strong presence in the United States. It’s employed in 2/3rds of all educational institutions in the nation.

The primary objective at ClassDojo is to revolutionize education. The team members at ClassDojo wish to assist students, parents and educators in the process of giving education an extensive makeover. ClassDojo offers a communications app that gives people in and out of the classroom the opportunity to exchange messages, videos and pictures. These forms of communication enable students, parents and educators to keep close tabs on daily educational matters. ClassDojo’s app comes in 40 languages. It is offered in 180 nations around the world as well. Teachers who are passionate about the idea of making education more interactive, effective and efficient are often drawn to ClassDojo’s communications app. The company is among the most rapidly expanding education technology businesses to ever exist. Millions of people all around the planet rely on ClassDojo’s communication platform on a routine basis.


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