Close and Personal with Lori Senecal

The queen of advertising Lori Senecal is well known for her prowess in advertising and skills in marketing as well as her robust personality. She is well known for her contributions in innovative advertising techniques. Her specialty is providing businesses with innovative solutions whose intent is to solve business challenges. According to Adage, due to the reliability in this industry, she was appointed to head some of the most prestigious companies the first example being the Global CEO of CP+B. She also served as Global CEO of KBS. Lori is well known for pushing herself out of her comfort zone. She never settles in a position of comfort and this could be the reason why she has been successful in most of the things that she does.

Starting early in her life, Lori set standards amidst the attention she got from her family. She is known to have received a lot of attention from parents and sisters because she was the last in a family of four. She has a bachelor from McGill University. She served as the president of McCann Erickson in their New York office. She has been the face behind some of the most successful advertising brands including Xbox, Coca-Cola, BMW, American Express and Victoria’s Secret pink.

Lori started becoming interested in business during her high school life when she was unable to become a competing athlete and had to become a coach. During her caching season in both high school and college, she got to master a few excellent skills that came in handy in business. She learnt how to communicate effectively, how to remain consistent even after setting goals and how to maintain a clear vision to succeed in the business world.

Lori Senecal makes businesses when the companied she works for make money. She has always considered herself a success because of her excellent motivational skills. She believes that being a success is a continuous process that needs to be cultivated with time.

She has developed a strategy that makes her successful in business. She believes that you need to know everything about a business if you are to succeed. The ad business is a difficult one but easy to succeed if you know where to look.

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