Eric Pulier Built a Career in Technology

The technology world has been the place where many brilliant people have made their fortune. This has especially been the case during the past 20 years. Eric Pulier is a member of that very elite group. He is regarded as one of the most significant entrepreneurs in terms of being able to start successful technology companies. It was the state of New Jersey where Pulier spent his youth. He did not have much access to any computers when he was a kid. He has stated in many interviews that he never would have imagined that technology would be the field he would eventually have a successful career in. He has also attributed much of his success to being in the right place at the right time. However, Pulier is modest to a fault. He has a brilliant business mind with a knack for knowing which way the wind is blowing in the technology industry. This has enabled him to create companies that satisfy the public’s demand for a specific service.

An English literature degree was obtained by Pulier from Harvard. However, that is a degree that he would never put to use. He was at a crossroads after he graduated from college. He originally thought that he wanted to become an English literature professor. After all, that is one of the few jobs that an English literature degree can qualify you for. However, he found that he was in very high demand. The large amount of job choices that were presented to Pulier made him seriously rethink his career plans. He found that the idea of building startup companies was quite appealing to him. This was definitely the right move because Pulier would eventually go on to create a number of very successful and respected tech companies.

This success as an entrepreneur opened the door to another unexpected source of income. Pulier became a public speaker who was sought after by a wide variety of tech firms and universities. He commands large speaking fees and has made a large percentage of his income from giving speeches for the past decade.