Looking to Going Public? Southridge Capital’s Experience can Help Manage the Burden.

Taking a new company public is an exciting step. Public offerings are the accumulation of many years hard work and directing a company through its first public offering is the highlight many executive careers. Not only does the initial public offering (IPO) bring in funding for new products and services, there is a certain prestige to a public listing and a publicly traded company has additional options for financing and growth.

“Going public” is a complicated process. Extensive planning is necessary for the launch and requires advisory expertise. In addition to timing the market correctly, setting up a public offering needs a strict investigation into interest rates, competitor valuations, product marketability and an examination of the current economic matrices. Southridge Capital, an advisory and fund management firm, recommends deep analytics and diligent market research to make sure a new company receives the best pricing of its stocks and a process to maximize corporate exposure through the IPO process.

Southridge Capital also recommends that diligent attention is paid to the documentation required by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). A slip in compliance can be quite costly, both in terms of fines, regulatory oversight, and stockholder confidence. Because SEC censure can delay a public launch and slow funding, successfully completing the regulatory requirements is of the utmost importance and Southridge Capital, experienced in the regulatory climate of the SEC, advises retaining strong and knowledgeable advisers to guide a company through this regulatory process. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Experienced advisers, like those at Southridge, can make a company’s public launch successful. With offices located in Connecticut and New York, Southridge Capital has offered advisory and financing for over 250 public companies. Having directly invested 1.8 billion into the market since 1996, the advisers at Southridge Capital have the experience and knowledge needed to launch the next IPO. Check out their Facebook page.

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