Malcolm CasSelle- The Computer Science Break Through Artist

Gaming is an art, a skill, a talent. It is a way to express one’s self and escape into a world where there are infinite possibilities. Unfortunately, there have been many issues concerning fraud and fragmentation among others. Luckily, Malcolm CasSelle is now the president of the company Wax, which specializes in a virtual marketplace that allows gamers to purchase and sell merchandise without having to leave the game.

Malcolm CasSelle is no amateur. He has experience leading a company as president with the company New Ventures. He was also the senior vice president and general manager at Digital Media of SeaChange International. CasSelle has worked with Timeline Labs, MediaPass, Xfire, Groupon and more. Stocks and investment are also skills and businesses that interest Malcolm CasSelle. To say CasSelle has experience would be an understatement.

His journey to success began with his bachelor’s degree from MIT and his master’s degree from Stanford University majoring in Computer Science according to Wikipedia. Among his skills, he is fluent in Japenese and Mandarin. Caselle’s earliest and most significant win was being the Co-founder or PCCW and managing Eastern China’s Groupon with Tencent. Malcolm CasSelle is intelligent with investments for the future.

In the article, “Malcolm CasSelle: The Gaming Industry Will Ignite the World of Cryptocurrency” by James Anderson, Anderson informs that CasSelle and Wax have created the solution for a problem-free and safe marketplace: the blockchain. According to Anderson, the blockchain is the “fastest, most efficient, most decentralized, and most flexible consensus model available.” The blockchain powers the WaxToken marketplace that allows the gamers to tokenize their assets, allowing them to buy and sell safely without having to leave the game or worry about fraud. Fragmenting was another problem that divided gamers by their currency; the reason for the Wax Token: to make a common variable that is used internationally.

Malcolm CasSelle broke through the problems gamers had with fraud and fragmenting and made the gaming world a safe, more convenient place. CasSelle’s skills played an important role. Wax and Casselle have made it easier for gamers to accept challenges and claim victories.

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