Matt Badiali Keeps Investors Focused on the Winners

Matt Badiali is an Earth Science major who graduated from Penn State University receiving a Bachelor in Science. He received his Masters from Florida Atlantic University in Geology. What kind of advice does a science and geology major have to offer investors? Naturally, his expertise comes from offering advice about investing in natural resources. Badiali gained his extensive knowledge from his studies at university, from internships in various industries and from his interactions with giants in the industries he recommends.

He’s spoken with T. Boone Pickens, the legendary oilman. He’s worked on oil rigs and owned oil wells. He’s done many things to increase his understanding of mining, drilling and excavating to locate ores and energy deposits. He still travels around the world, having been to Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Haiti, Turkey, Switzerland and Hong Kong seeking to discover the location of natural resources. Check:

Matt Badiali has traveled extensively to mines and oil wells all over the world. In April of 2017, Matt noted that copper was at a critical shortage. He realized there would be a deficit of copper in the very near future and at that point copper prices would soar.

In June of last year, Badiali posted a blog post about the resurgence of platinum. Platinum had fallen into a slump, yet the demand for platinum continued to exceed the available supply. While the supply of platinum was dwindling, manufacturers could recycle the platinum they were currently using, so the price of platinum did not go up. Still, every year the supply of platinum from recycling was lessening even more. It is inevitable that the price of platinum will soon be rising to reflect the increasing demand. This is one example of the kinds of insight Badiali is known for.

In August, 2017 Matt Badiali noticed investors were losing interest in oil since the prices had dropped so low, but he noted that the oil is still a good investment. Even though many oil companies were producing large quantities of oil, many were still making a good profit. Currently, oil production in the U.S. and abroad is still a profitable opportunity.

Matt Badiali is still arguing against the idea that owning stock in companies is far better than owning gold. He contends that the stock market has only risen by double digits while gold is up 2000% since 2000. Gold is still the perfect hedge against a market that no longer bases its value on anything tangible. See more of Matt Badiali on Facebook