NetPicks provides strategies to deploy in choppy summer trading environment

Over the past several days, the technology sector investors have been going through a rough patch considering their recent change of attitude mainly occasioned by the technology sector selloff. This is an unusual occurrence given that for a long time now the technology sectors investors have always believed that the technology sector market is almost unstoppable. This might sound as bad news but there is a silver lining according to a recent article published in the popular trading magazine Marketwatch. In the article, the author says that this kind of situation creates what is referred to as a choppy market. He then goes further to break down the strategies investors can use to profit from choppy summer trading.   Guiding tips available in this link on

In such market environments in the past, the proactive Lock and walk strategy has always come to mind as it has all through posted positive results. In the most practical sense, the lock and walk strategy involves buying near support selling near resistance and stopping trading in case support breaks.

Another very important rule that should never be forgotten if an investor wants the Lock and Walk Strategy to function optimally, in turn, maximizing the return on investment is to keep in mind that the lock and walk strategy has actually 67 basis points in gains. This basically means that the lock and walk strategy will shut down once this goal is attained and stay closed until the next trading session. Investors must be reminded that the lock and walk strategy is not designed for investors that are looking for long-term positions.

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