Oncotarget Journal

Oncotarget is an insightful journal that is growing too fast due to its high demand in publishing a wide range of online papers on a weekly basis. Oncotarget is a privately owned publishing firm with close to 50 employees. The Journal promotes scientific researches with a core objective of creating a disease-free world. The publishing firm is well committed to making available scientific results to a wide population of people across the United States and the globe. The organization chose to share their scientific researches through online publishing because of easy accessibility and the significant rise in a number of people accessing the internet lately.

Oncotarget, the international peer reviewed journal, focuses on the pathological basis of all types of cancer, potential targets for therapy, and cancer management programs. Many at times, people lack basic information on some of the deadly diseases like cancer. Oncotarget has gone an extra mile to bring to the surface all the information one has to know to stay safe from cancer infections. The journal does a good job in educating people because it also seeks to bring acceptance to those suffering from cancer infections by embracing professional health care.Unlike other online journals, Oncotarget is a multidisciplinary traditional journal with a free access. For instance, some of the topics covered in the journal include; Oncology, Aging Pathology, Immunology, Microbiology, Cell death, Autophagy, and chromosome.

With four years of operation, Oncotarget has invested heavily on research publication by working with competent editorial boards of health professionals and various scientists across the globe. The journal has been able to reach many people because it is available on the Dove Press and other influential internet sites. Additionally, their platform allows people accessing their journals an opportunity to air their ideas which in the long run helps them to make sound decisions and solutions. Actually, Oncotarget is among the few publishing firms that believe in a free information sharing society.Widely recognized as a platform that deals with analysis, treatment, and prevention of deadly diseases like Cancer, Oncotarget has so far received three awards; PubMed and PMC, Web of Science, and Scopus: Ranks Q1. Finally, due to their constructive and insightful nature, Oncotarget was ranked first among those journals publishing oncology content in the United States in the year 2015.