Simple Strategy to Trade in Choppy Market

There has been a dramatic change in Wall Street’s sentiment since the sell off of the technology sector earlier in the month. There is currently a nervousness that has not been seen in some time when before the market was thought to be unstoppable by some investors. The summers months could see a choppy market as a result of the sentiment changes. While it is not unusual for the summer months low volume to be in such an environment the chance is greater with the sentiments’ material change.  For a relevant article on socially responsible investment, click on this.

Using a proactive strategy will allow taking advantage of that. Profiting from the choppy environment of the market is what these strategies were designed for and have been being designed since early 2000. In the past “Lock and Walk” has been profitable when the market was choppy in the past. This does not guarantee the results in the future just because it performed well in the past. When the resistance and support levels are broken or tested for the Nasdaq 100 and then trade them short. For additional reading about swing trading, browse on this useful link.

You can do it by yourself if you follow these rules. Target the resistance and sell if the QLD tested support. Sell QLD if support is broken. Target the support and sell if QID tests the resistance. Sell QID if resistance is broken. More free tutorials in this link on

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These rules are simple. Anyone that is familiar with technical analysis will be familiar with them. Stop out if support is broken, near resistance sell, near support buy. The strategy of Lock and Walk has another rule that is important associated with it. The strategy is designed to stop and wait until the operation of the following session of trading begins if gains are sixty-seven basis points. The fact it is not a long term solution being sought is what allows it to perform well in the market even when the environment is choppy.  Get connected now, hit on this.

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