Successful Businessman Jose Manuel Gonzalez in Politics

By combining all his talents, Jose Manuel Gonzalez is very successful in business especially the agricultural sector and is also a politician. He has been a great inspiration to most people by showing them they can work in more than one area and still succeed in all. In 2010, he was elected to be the deputy of National Assembly in Guárico. Before then, he also acted as the president of FEDENAGA and also FEDECAMARAS for almost two years. He is now a candidate for the Governor seat in his state.

As the deputy of the national assembly, Gonzalez is very active when it comes to politics in Venezuela. He still believes that there is something that can be done to change and improve the economic state. He also tries to condemn those leaders whose main interest is their salary while they continue to watch the country’s economy deteriorate. According to Jose Manuel Gonzales, there is plenty of resources in the country which if well utilized could bring changes to the citizens and the country as a whole.

Balancing Business and Politics

According to Jose, the Agricultural sector is the main source of income to any country. If the country is able to improve its agriculture sector, it can be able to fend itself. It is always important to encourage farmers and also give them competitive prices for their products. This will be the best way for the government to encourage people to join the farming business and even consider it as a serious business opportunity. This will in return increase the supply of food and also stop farmers who smuggle they food products into other countries to get better market.

Fuel is mostly imported to other countries and this is a huge expense to the country. Jose Manuel criticizes this since there are many reserves in the country and the money used to import the fuel can be used for other purposes such as mining fuel in Venezuela. With this, the country will be in a position to save money and also have extra to spend on the citizens.