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Sheldon Lavin gets the Global Visionary Award

Published / by TheHI

India’s Vision World Academy has been hosting an award ceremony every year for the last five years. They give Global Visionary Award. This year, the chairman of OSI Group named, Sheldon Lavin received this award.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is the current Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of OSI. It was recently announced that he would be getting the Global Visionary Award from India’s platform.

This award is given to people who show excellence in their work. People from different fields are nominated for this Global award. Individuals who turn their dreams into reality are the ones selected for this prestigious award. The person has to show persistence and perseverance to achieve their life goals.

Sheldon Lavin has had a very successful career in the field of finance. Mr. Lavin took the company, OSI Group to great heights. The company was operating domestically in food production. Mr. Lavin made this company one of the best in the world today. OSI Group is now a multibillion-dollar company that is not only operating in the United States but in European countries as well.

OSI Group deals in food processing. They mainly focus on meat. They currently have over sixty facilities in more than 15 countries. OSI Group has a subsidiary known as OSI Vista Processed Foods. This subsidiary has been operating since 1995. It has eight facilities running in India today. In addition to the processing of meat, this company also processes fruit and vegetables.

Sheldon Lavin has been utilizing his skills and knowledge in the food processing industry. In addition to being the Chairman and CEO, he is also the President of OSI International. He started in the finance department of OSI back in 1970. The company was known as “Otto & Sons” back then. Thanks to Mr. Lavin’s hard work and vision; the company grew tremendously.

Sheldon Lavin played a very important role in bringing OSI Group in the international market. Due to this company being Led by Sheldon, it has won itself various awards; one being the International safety award in 2017 by British safety council.