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Paul Mampilly, Investment Guru Says Keep A Watchful Eye On AI Stocks

Published / by TheHI

Paul Mampilly, hedge fund guru, and popular Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing says AI is leading a revolution most of us don’t even think about. In fact, Mampilly is so confident in the future of Artificial Intelligence that at last year’s Total Wealth Symposium Paul Mampilly recommended several AI stocks, which at last look, have shot up by 145 percent.

He’s an MBA graduate of the Fordham School of Business, a world class analyst, editor of The $10 Million Portfolio and Profits Unlimited, and highly respected in the world of finance, and Paul Mampilly says it’s time to focus on the stocks of the future.

Becoming more popular by the minute, AI can be found in a wide range of industries; just take a look at facial recognition. It’s been used mostly in the security field, for corporations to identify individuals, but the software has grown in the world of smartphones, digital payments, and various access systems. And as Paul Mampilly points out, the algorithms are becoming more sophisticated and will revolutionize the security field.

Catering and hospitality companies have also taken interest in facial recognition. Baidu , one of the most used search engines in China, has recently partnered with KFC, the famous fast food chain. The goal is to experiment with a new type of store: the Smart Restaurant. In Beijing, it is possible to receive recommendations from a computer that studies the age of customers, their gender and facial expressions. As Mampilly point out, these types of AI platforms are being used to understand the desires of people, and their preferences.

Another interesting mashup is computer vision, artificial intelligence, and drones. Mini drone Spark is able to recognize the face of the user and understand when to get up in the air, and can be controlled through gestures. All these features make it one of the smartest drones available.

Is It Worth Investing In Now?

AI has a huge market interest drawing increasing interest from investors, says Paul Mampilly. It’s not hit the radar of the general public but it should. Companies like Xilinx and Nvidia are two such companies releasing AI products, and whose popularity is rising, and this just goes to show us why investing now is such a great opportunity.

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