The Power of NewsWatch TV Review for Companies Who Want to Grow

NewsWatch TV is perhaps one of the most popular and compelling advertising and marketing television show of the U.S. Based in Washington area and owned and operated by Bridge Communications; the show has become the ultimate show for both companies and consumers. The show is of 30 minutes duration, but it is aired over 96 million U.S households and has a reach exceeding 200 U.S. markets. During the show, they air original and innovative marketing and advertising videos providing reviews and news on various new products and campaigns. Broadcast weekly on both ION television and AMC network since the early 90’s; the show touches every niche be it consumer, medical, entertainment and even technology.

The show is hosted by Andrew Tropeano who is also its executive producer. Many co-hosts and special reporters support him in making the show scintillating. Some of the names worth names include Amanda Forstorm, Scott Steinberg, Michelle Ison, and Eric Forrest. The show has some exceptional qualities. Foremost, it produces and directs its own videos which make it highly affordable for all companies be it Fortune 500 companies or start-ups. The video is of extremely high-quality and leaves a powerful impact on the minds of the audience. The show has been instrumental in the success of many companies like Avanca, Saygus, Contour Design, Procamera and many more.

The NewsWatch TV also enjoys a powerful presence in the social media platforms. Not only is it popular on Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Linkedin, Instagram, and other social media platforms. However, it also has its channel on YouTube, and Vimeo Channels and even these channels have over 4 million views. The show has been so instrumental in the success of many companies that it has received many awards most notably several prestigious Marcom Awards. The show has also bagged the best Videographer awards. With its exciting news segment and in-depth reviews of products; the show looks poised to scale greater heights.

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