Todd Lubar, TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC President and Legendary Investments Senior Vice President pursued his basic education at Sidwell Friends School and later joined The Peddie School in Hightstown NJ. He pursued a B.A in speech communication at Syracuse University and graduated in 1995.

In one of his interview with Patreon, Todd Lubar says that his passion in helping people in fulfilling their dreams formed the basis of his business with his main focus being on those who take action to achieve their desires. He attributes hard work to his success and advises first timers in any business to never give up even if they fail in their first trials, they should instead try using different approaches. Todd Lubar also says that his most satisfying instants is making his customers happy through making their business dreams valid from scratch and seeing it thriving. He gets inspired by the Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz and uses Fitbit in making his business a success.

Todd Lubar got his first job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation immediately after graduation and worked there for five years a period during which he developed business skills with regards to customers, real estate agents, insurance agents, financial planners and CPA’s which earned him several referrals. Todd then moved to the Legacy Financial Group in 1999 and his hard work saw the group’s office at Maryland grow to 100 million dollars loan volume annually. In 2005 he moved to Charter Funding where he was a Senior Vice President and worked until August 2007. By this time, much changes had taken place in the Mortgage industry and Todd Lubar decided to go back home where he decided to work on purchase money mortgage origination.

Apart from his concentration in the Mortgage banking, Todd Lubar owned companies in the night club industry, the Real Estate Development Industry, the Demolition Industry as well as the Recycling Industry. Having worked with many industries has helped him understand the pillars of success in business which has made him feature severally in the top 25 Mortgage originators across the country, reveals Yelp. He is presently the President at TDL Ventures a company whose main focus is helping people.