Troy McQuagge’s line to live by

The word hope now has a new meaning. It no longer just means positive expectation of things to come, it means helping other to Help Other People Everyday (H.O.P.E.). H.O.P.E is the word used to refer to the movement inspired by Troy McQuagge Son in USHEALTH Advisors, USHA.

Troy McQuagge is the current CEO and president of USHEALTH Advisors. When he took over his position in the company, Troy McQuagge challenged his stuff to give back more. This is in terms of money, service or any other means. In 2010, when he was still new in his position, he initiated a project to help those affected by hurricane Katrina. His company partnered with Phoenix of New Orleans (PNOLA) to rebuild the houses of hundreds of families who were worst affected by the hurricane. During this first project, members of his stuff and contracted agents donated not only money but also man power to see the projects through.

Since then, USHA has involved itself in many missions of H.O.P.E. that has seen them touch the lives of millions throughout the country. What is impressive about H.O.P.E. is that the members of stuff have taken it as their lives mission. Even without the prompting of their CEO, members of stuff give their time and money to help other people every day. H.O.P.E has become a culture in the lives of everyone associated with USHA. Read more on about Troy McQuagge son.

USHEALTH Group’s Chief of Marketing, Brian Clark, says that what makes this movement to inspire the admirable selflessness among the stuff is the fact that it started by the leadership. He says that the company holds meetings to talk about its mission of H.O.P.E with its stuff and offers them opportunity to get involved. They have a donation box that allows anyone to give towards the mission at hand. This has seen members of stuff choose to donate money, material, time and labour.

Troy McQuagge’s line, Helping People Everyday, is a mission that everyone should live by. If USHA’s stuff alone reaches millions though this mission, imagine how many more will be reached if everyone decided to live by this line. His aim initiating H.O.P.E. was to make this world better by reaching a person in need. This can become a reality if everyone makes H.O.P.E their mission. Visit: