Zeco Auriemo, the Lord of Luxury

Zeco Auriemo is one of the most popular individuals in the whole of Brazil for his innovation in the business industry. He built a historic building under one of the most luxurious blocks on the big Apple under JHSF Zeco Auriemo developer. Being one of the popular business decision makers, Auriemo lives on the Upper East avenue, the place common with recognizable entrepreneurs, lawyers, and advertisers. Jose Auriemo Neto and Zeco Auriemo entered the business sector and became the talk of the town after they rose and became the controllers of the JHSF. Their mansion is built in the heart of metropolis among other popular villas.

he Brazilian individual Zeco Auriemo got approval from the city hall to build a fancy residential apartment that is located on 5th Avenue in Sao Paulo. In the recent previous years, the developers under JHSF built a mansion worth 32 million $, and that was later auctioned with as low bids as $ 25 million. Timothy Greer, the American architect, is popularly known for his negotiation skills had to submit at least three projects on the historical landmarks committee.

Zeco Auriemo is known as the lord of luxury in Brazil because he mainly focuses on luxurious properties. A good example is the shopping mall Cidade Jardim which is located in Sao Paulo and the hotel, Chain Fasano. The two iconic properties have made Auriemo a great icon, and currently, he is leading on the lords of the luxury catalog.

Zeco Auriemo is chairman and the CEO of JHSF, the leading real estate company in Brazil. It is recognized as the first company in the country to put into priority the recurrent income assets including airports, shopping malls, and other real-estate projects. JHSF was founded in Brazil where it has the biggest market, but also it has extended its operations into other countries including Uruguay and United States.

Since it was launched, the firm has established over 6 million square meters in real estate ventures. JHSF has a market value of more than R$1.20 billion as per 2017 records. The firm is expected to start similar projects in several other countries in the near future.